UKAre you without social security?
Is your child without the necessary vaccines?
Do you have dental problems?
Are you sick and embarrassed to seek help?
Are you in any way excluded from the national health system?
Are you in a difficult position and cannot find the necessary for your healthcare?
Do you know anyone in need of medical assistance, who cannot go to the doctor or pay for their medication?

In Kalamata, you can find the Social Solidarity Clinic, along with the city’s volunteer doctors who compose the Network of Social Solidarity Clinics. It is found on the location of the Old General Hospital, on Athinon street, in the building of the Nursing School. Its entrance is on Agiou Dimitriou street. All volunteers, doctors, dentists, nurses, medical visitors and social workers, as well as secretary volunteers, are willing and dedicated to serving you in the best possible way within the capabilities of the clinic. The phone number is (+30)2721089840.

Is money required in order to get examined by a doctor?
The doctors and dentists of the clinic, with extreme willingness, examine VOLUNTARILY and FREE OF CHARGE, without any discriminations or exclusions, the patients whom our effort aims to, that is, those who are permanent or seasonal residents of our area, and are excluded from any public structure of healthcare, such as the National Health System or the Social Security Funds. The Social Solidarity Clinic was created entirely by volunteers, thanks to personal labor and small and larger donations, and is functioning due to volunteers. No one pays anything in this clinic. Services are provided for free, and depend on the available resources. Medical tests, medication and therapies, all are provided free of charge by the members of the Clinic, and will exist for as long as there are members and donators.

The philosophy of the Clinic is “No one without healthcare”. It does not fulfill wishes, it serves needs. And it does so, with dedication and persistence, using any resources available, no matter where they come from. It focuses on the urgent and pressing problems, and the evaluation is done by the doctors. The needs are prioritized and problems are solved according to the priority order.

The Clinic provides healthcare to residents of our area. Patients are expected to prove that they are without health insurance, and this can be done with the guidance of the members of the secretariat. This basic precaution is assumed because, without willing to offend or humiliate anyone, we must be able to protect those who are really in need of the resources we offer from those who just see an opportunity to benefit from yet another source.

The Clinic provides primary medical and dental care, social services and supportive therapies (psychological support). From those coming to the Clinic, we immediately serve as many as possible, including prescription of the necessary medication, as long as they exist in the Clinic’s pharmacy. We repeat that all services are free of charge.

Those who need further care and medical examinations are referred (with the care and request of the Clinic’s doctors) to specialists in the city who cooperate with us, the doctors of the Network of Social Solidarity Clinics. These doctors make the diagnosis and prescribe therapies or further examinations. The responsibility for the patient’s course of care belongs to the Solidarity Clinic, which will in the end provide the medication, cover the financial cost of the medical exams or schedule further therapies always accordingly to its capabilities. None of the doctors of the NETWORK receives payment for their services, no matter how many times they are required to examine the patient.

In case that the patient needs specialized examinations or surgical therapies other difficult therapies, the volunteers of the Clinic come in touch with all the public and private health services in order for the problem to be solved in the best way, without any expenses made by the patient.

What if someone needs medication? The Social Solidarity Clinic in Kalamata has its own pharmacy, under the responsibility and supervision of volunteer pharmacists, which is supplied by the donations of medications by citizens and institutions. In the case that a patient examined in the Clinic needs a medication that we have in store, this medication is provided FOR FREE immediately. If we do not have the medication, we facilitate the patient by looking for it in other institutions of Social Solidarity (Red Cross, Social Pharmacy of Kalamata, other Greek Social Clinics).

What does the Clinic expect from those who come to seek its services?
· They must be in real need, which they cannot satisfy in any other way. We should always remember that if we consume resources that could have been conserved, we will deprive those who are more in need, of these resources.
· They must make the best of the Clinic’s services, obey the medical consultation and take their medication. Also, they should attend for follow-ups.
· They should inform their friends and relatives about the existence of the Clinic.
· If possible, they should help our common goal in any way. Solidarity not only means “receiving”, but also “giving”. And we give what we can. Even if it is cleaning or repairing damages in the Clinic or anything else necessary for the common goal.
· The medications prescribed are strictly personal and specific to the patient’s disease. Patients should not pass them over to other individuals with a medical diagnosis.

How many departments operate within the Clinic?
The Clinic provides primary healthcare. Currently (December 2012), within the building of the Clinic, the operating departments are: department of Pathology (Internal Medicine), of Pediatrics, of Dentistry and department of Imaging (ultrasound). The schedule of the Clinic is given below in detail, and changes according to the needs as well as the availability of the doctors. Information on the schedule is constantly provided in the corresponding place of the Clinic’s website or at the phone number 27210-89840.

The opening hours of the Secretariat of the Solidarity Clinic of Kalamata are:
Monday to Friday: morning 9.00-13.00
afternoon: clinic operation

Address: Nursing School building (opposite the old General Hospital of Kalamata)
phone number: (+30) 27210- 89840
e-mail: dikalkalamata@gmail.com

For the financial support of the clinic, bank account number:
505 00 2002 000416 EUR
IBAN:GR93 0140 5050 5050 0200 2000 416

Monday, Wednesday, Friday : 9.30-13.00
Monday: 14.30 – 16.30
Wednesday: 17.00 – 21.00

Wednesday: 17.00-19.00
Friday: 8.30 – 10.30

Ultrasound: after making an appointment

Monday: 17.00 -19.00 (children only)
Tuesday: 18.00-20.30
Wednesday: 17.00 – 21.00

Other specialties:
In order to get examined by doctors of other specialties, you should first make an appointment with a doctor of the Clinic, who will make an initial evaluation. Therefore, it is necessary to first come to the Clinic.